MD-1 capa

High-precision measurement of micro-sized specimens with a simple operation.

A hardness tester for thin and small specimens of various rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, nonrigid plastics. Unlike conventional durometers, it enables direct measurement of the hardness of objects with higher reproducibility.



Measurement time

About a minimum of 3 seconds for one automatic measurement cycle.

Measurement objects

Capable of measuring the hardness of small rubber parts including those for automobiles, electronic circuits, office machines in the product shape instead of conventionally used test pieces. Selection of three modes, [PEAK HOLD], [TIMER HOLD], or [NORMAL] as standard.

The timer may be set by the second to a maximum of 15 seconds.


Connectable to PC via Ethernet or RS-232C interface.

Equipped with application software for measurement.


Type A for general rubbers and Type C for soft rubbers

Operation buttons

Operation buttons

  • MEASURE···To start testing actions
  • PRINT···To print out measurement results
  • RESET···To set the sensor and indicator return to original status
  • AUTO···To automatically print/reset switching
  • MODE···To select measurement mode from "Peak hold", "Timer-hold", and "Normal."

Application software for measurement *Included with shipment

  • Starting and finishingf measurement
  • Measurement of peak value and timer-hold value
  • Measurement of the decrement of hardness values (every 100msec)
  • Data may be easily exported to Excel.
  • Data saved in csv format.

*Some technical information including the means by which the program can communicate shall be released.

*No PC is included with shipment (A connection cable is included).


Loading method
Cantilever shaped leaf spring
Indentor design (mm)
  • Type A···0.50H Φ0.16 Cylinder
  • Type C···0.50H Φ1.00 Hemisphere
Pressure foot size(mm)
  • Type A···Outer diameter: 4.0 Inner diameter: 1.5
  • Type C···Outer diameter: 9.0, Inner diameter 2.0
Spring load mN(g)
0 point
point 332(33.85)
Minimum readout value
0.1 point
Sensor's descent speed control
Air damper
Adjustable height range (mm)
0-67mm (Distance between specimen table and pressure foot surface)
Measuring mode
  • Peak Hold mode (Measurement of the maximum readout)
  • Timer Hold mode (Measurement of the value after a preset time following the attainment of the peak hardness value)
  • Normal mode (Measurement of real time value)
External output
Ethernet or RS-232C interface
Data printing, statistic calculation, upper and lower limit setting, accept/reject judgment
Power source
AC 100V-220V
Weight (kg)
Intended specimen type
O-rings/Packings/Rubber sheets/Precision rubber parts/Rolls/Belts/Hoses

Outer dimensions (mm)

Outer dimensions (mm)

Optional accessories


O-ring jig

Four types of V-block for O-ring measurement are included with shipment:

[Measurable wire diameters]
  • Φ0.8 - 2.0mm
  • Φ1.2 - 3.0mm
  • Φ1.6 - 4.0mm
  • Φ2.0 - 5.0mm