Constant Loader for Durometer CL-150R1

Allows steady and stable measurement of various types of rubber rolls for use in such items as printers and copiers with constant load and pressure.

The adjustable joint facilitates reasonably easy alignment of the indentor center of the durometer with the highest point of the rubber roll or other specimen with a rounded surface. The measuring face of the specimen and the pressure foot of the durometer may well contact each other in a fixed positional relation.



Adjustable joint

Allows the fixing of the mounting angle of the durometer at any position.

Anti-rotation mechanism

With the anti-rotation mechanism of the support, the measuring position may be kept even after the height of the up-down lift is changed.

Specimen holder with V-blocks

The holder can be slid aside so that measurement may be conducted at any point of the specimen.

Position adjustment

The position of the end V-blocks are adjustable in accordance with the length of the roll core.

Measuring pressure load

540g, 1000g


Dimensions (mm)
500W×180D×Max. 428H
Object roll size (mm)
Φ120 or smaller
Object core size (mm)
(Customized size available upon request)
V-block spacing (mm)
Slidable range (mm)
Weight (kg)
ASKER Durometer

Outer dimensions (mm)

Outer dimensions (mm)